Black Mold Exposure Symptoms

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When treating a victim of black mold contamination, it is important to note that the symptoms can vary with the amount of mold exposure and the species of the mold. Some of the more common symptoms from black mold include:

1) Inflammation of the eyes — look for irritated eyes that are watery, swollen, red and itchy

2) Nasal congestion — look for stuffed-up nose, congested nose, or even runny nose.  In extreme cases sinus congestion might occur.

3) Difficulty in breathing — this occurs as a result of congestion in your lungs and chest.  In extreme conditions the victim might end up developing other respiratory problems such as wheezing or pain in your chest.  If this occurs, seek the help of a medical doctor immediately.

4) Itchiness of the skin — in many cases, the black mold victim will experience irritation of the skin as a first symptom.  Extreme exposure can lead to painful rashes on the affected areas.

5) Throat irritation — sore, irritated or inflamed throats can mean that one has been excessively exposed to mold

6) Nausea and vomiting — ingestion of high dosages of black mold in the air can result in nausea and vomiting.  The nausea may be preceded by severe headaches.  Get to your doctor as soon as possible.

7) Diarrhea — is it something you ate?  Why, yes, actually.  Consumption of food or drink that is contaminated with black mold spores might lead to bouts of diarrhea.  This is a result of toxic elements found in the mold.

8) Coughing — many mold victims experience persistent and irritating coughs

Black mold may be lethal if it is not safely and effectively removed. Removing all mold from your home, work and other areas that you frequent is necessary to keep you and those around you healthy and happy. To ensure a mold-free environment for yourself and those in your home or workplace, hiring a mold removal professional can ensure that you have a safe, healthy and mold-free environment.

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