Mold Myths

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mold mythsMold Myths

When it comes to mold there is an abundance of misinformation available out there. Which can prove costly for homeowners in terms of their health, wellness and finances.  Below you will find a list of mold myths that lead to the common misconception.

  1. MYTH: Bleach and other retail products remove mold.

FACT: Most retail products only discolour mold and are not recommended for porous surfaces like drywall, carpet, ceiling tiles  and wood.  There are some specialty products that do work, but experts say that the only way to properly remove a mold problem is to remove the items that contain the mold.

  1. MYTH: Black mold is not hazardous to your health .

FACT:   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say black mold is known to cause allergic reactions, respiratory problems and other infectious diseases.

  1. MYTH: Dead mold cannot cause health issues.

FACT: Mold goes dormant until the conditions in the environment allow for regrowth.  Even in dormant mold spores can be released, allowing it to reappear or reproduce.  Especially if it is in an environment with ventilation and moisture intrusion issues.

  1. MYTH: Mold is the only problem associated with water damage.

FACT: When water is present in an environment it should not be, a host of problems could arise including structureal and cosmetic damage, the promotion of bacteria and viral growth.  In addition mold can begin to show signs of presence with 24 to 48 hours depending on the nature of the water intrusion.

Trained professionals can help you to look for the signs of a possible mold problem. Environmental professionals can help you to investigate the air quality within your home and identify any mold or moisture intrusion problems that may be hiding within.   Calling a reputable disaster restoration professional who has experience with water related damages as soon as a flood has happenned can be helpful in avoiding any long term problems and help get life back in order for you as quickly as possible.

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