Mold Myths

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Mold Myths When it comes to mold there is an abundance of misinformation available out there. Which can prove costly for homeowners in terms of their health, wellness and finances.  Below you will find a list of mold myths that lead to the common misconception. MYTH: Bleach and other retail products remove mold. FACT: Most…

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Do I Need Mold Testing?

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Do I Need Mold Testing? Have you or a member of your family been experiencing allergies, recurring congestion, runny nose, sneezing or frequent headaches?  If so, there is a very good likelyhood that you may have a mold contamination lurking somewhere hidden within you home that may be contributing to Sick Building Syndrome. Even if…

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How To Prevent Bathroom Mold: 7 Easy Steps

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How To Prevent Bathroom Mold: 7 Easy Steps The bathroom…just trying to keep it clean is enough of a burden.  As it is arguably the one room within your home that is continuously hit with high moisture levels, combating the mold monster, once it’s allowed to move in, is often a very difficult task.  It is always…

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Where is Mold Found

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Mold is found everywhere. It is a part of our natural environment both indoors and out. The mold that we are concerned about in our home and offices though is growing mold that comes as a result of moisture problems. To that end, mold is most commonly found in our bathrooms, kitchens, basements and attics.

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Is Mold Dangerous

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Some types of mold ca be very dangerous while others are perfectly harmless. The dangerous ones release Mycotoxins into the air which we inhale or absorb. When this happens, mold related health problems can arise. While some people have minor reactions to mold exposure, others have more severe problems.

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How Does Mold Travel

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Mold moves around our environment predominantly via air and water. Those are not the only ways that mold gets around though. Literally anything that mold lands on can act as a movement source. Within our homes, mold and other contaminants will spread when disturbed by improper cleaning (read more on How to properly clean moldy…

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What Does Mold Eat

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Who’s hungry? Black mold is! Just like other types of mold, black mold can develop and grow almost anywhere. Mold can thrive in damp, soft soil as well as other organic decomposing items such as fallen trees, logs, dead leaves and limbs. Indoors, black mold also loves damp areas and, in particular, items that are high in cellulose, such as rugs, carpets, anything wood, and dry wall.
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How does mold grow

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Although mold grows naturally in our outdoor environment, within our homes there are certain requirements needed for mold to grow and reproduce. A suitable food source, the right temperature, oxygen and of course, water.
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Can I clean mold myself?

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Got mold?  What happens what that unwelcome visitor makes an unexpected stop into your castle? Is this something you can deal with on your own, or should you be calling in removal experts? We’ve all seen the movies that scare us worse than the mold itself; specialized mold cleaners entering a house looking like they are something right out…

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