Do I Need Mold Testing?

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Do I Need Mold Testing? Have you or a member of your family been experiencing allergies, recurring congestion, runny nose, sneezing or frequent headaches?  If so, there is a very good likelyhood that you may have a mold contamination lurking somewhere hidden within you home that may be contributing to Sick Building Syndrome. Even if…

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How to Test for Black Mold

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Testing for mold can help you identify a potential infestation. For that mold in hard-to-see places, a test can take measurements from the air quality in the home and identify whether you might have hidden mold and what type or species of mold you might be dealing with.
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Can I clean mold myself?

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Got mold?  What happens what that unwelcome visitor makes an unexpected stop into your castle? Is this something you can deal with on your own, or should you be calling in removal experts? We’ve all seen the movies that scare us worse than the mold itself; specialized mold cleaners entering a house looking like they are something right out…

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