Why should I test for asbestos?

gta asbestos testingAsbestos is a dangerous carcinogen that can create very serious health concerns such as mesothelioma and lung cancer. Unfortunately, the material is found throughout many residential and commercial buildings and even more unfortunately, it is very difficult to identify by the naked eye. As a result, asbestos is often mixed with other materials commonly used within your home or office. These “Asbestos Containing Materials” (ACM) need to be investigated and properly tested by an accredited lab in order to minimize exposure risks.

Demolition, construction, renovation & repairs often release these dangerous fibers into the air where they pose the highest health risk.  That is why it is essential to have your home or business inspected for asbestos by a qualified and experienced asbestos inspector, someone who is properly trained and who carries the proper equipment.

At Mold Inspection Testing we are dedicated to providing affordable, dependable and timely asbestos testing for our residential and commercial clients. Our commitment is to taking every protective measure to ensure your safety.  If you suspect you have possible asbestos within your home or business, we can help!



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