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How We Help Your Business

We are committed to assisting our commercial/business customers in reaching their Occupational Health and Safety goals with cost effective solutions geared towards a healthy workplace. With confidentiality and discretion in mind, we work with you to deliver a customized plan for professional investigation, assessment and project management, to help you minimize liability issues relating to poor air quality, reduce employee absenteeism and decrease building operation and healthcare costs.

Poor indoor air quality in the workplace is the leading contributing factor to employee dissatisfaction in the workplace and the development of Sick Building Syndrome.

commercial air quality testing

What We Test For

Techniques for analyzing indoor air quality (IAQ) can include the collection of air samples, as well as the collection of samples on building surfaces. The samples can then be analyzed for mold, bacteria, chemicals or other stressors. These investigations can help lead to the understanding of the sources of the contaminants and ultimately to strategies for removing the unwanted elements from the air. Airborne dust levels can also be tested to help isolate poorly maintained ducts as well as sources of contamination from other areas of the building. We can also measure temperature and humidity levels to ensure optimal comfort and test for Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). Once our investigation and assessments are completed and the results have been professionally analyzed, we will present you with a detailed report outlining the findings and then review those results with you personally to ensure optimal understanding.

Why You Need Clean Air

A ‘sick building’ increases the employers instance of absenteeism, lowers job satisfaction, decreases productivity and increases staff turnover/attrition rates;  all resulting in exponentially rising costs for the employer.  Let Informed Decisions show you how the cost associated with an indoor air quality assessment are far outweighed by the benefits the assessment can provide.

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