What does mold smell like?

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Many people often ask What does mold smell like? Molds, or the presence of mold can have many different smells depending on different factors. The quick answer that most people get is wet, old, musty, earthy, stale, damp or a mildew like smell.

The smell of mold can differ in every situation though. The smell depends greatly on the type of mold present and the substance that the mold is growing on. Additionally, the source of the water intrusion and the type of organic material impacted will also greatly impact the type of smell we perceive. Individuals who have experienced the unpleasant scent of mold typically all agree that once you smell it, you will never forget it. There also seems to be very distinct reactions to both black and green mold that illicit a very unique smell.

In reality, mold can have a very strong odor or no odor at all. In many instances, there may not be any smell or any definitive indicator of the presence of mold or fungal particulates within an environment. If you are unsure of a potential mold scent though one good way to verify is to step outside for a minute or two, clear your nose and then step back into the area where the scent it. Like we said, when you smell mold, you never forget it.

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