How to Properly Clean Mold

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If you have ever had a mold contamination in your home or office then you know the stress and heartache that can accompany it. What you may not realize is that a solution is closer than you think. Many household products act as great mold killers and cleaners if you use them correctly. In this article, we are going to show you how to properly prep and clean a moldy surface.


Start by laying off plastic sheet around surrounding areas. This help to keep airborne mold spores from landing on other parts of your building. You will also want to purchase protective gloves, eye wear and an approved breathing mask. Tuck clothing in to protect your skin.



For all household cleaning products, you will want to spray your solution directly on the moldy surface itself, not on a cloth or sponge. If you spray your solution on a cloth and wipe the mold you will be sending spores into the air which can cause further complications.

Let your solution sit for a few minutes to a few hours depending on the method you choose. This gives the solution time to saturate into the mold which helps to kill them.

After you have saturated the mold with your preferred solution, you should use a throwaway cloth or sponge with some water to rinse the surface. Depending on the product you use, you may want to dry the area afterwards while others can be left as a protective measure.


Post Cleaning

be sure to discard any cloths or protective gear (gloves and mask) when you are done. All plastic wrap should also be discarded. Following this, using a HEPA filtered vacuum can help to collect any loose spores moved during the cleaning. It is important to get as many of the spores as possible as even dead mold spores can still harm your health.

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