Protect Yourself from Carbon Monoxide Poisioning

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protect yourself from carbon monoxideHow To Protect Yourself from Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide  is a colourless odorless gas that lurks around homes and can cause serious illness or even dealth. A significant indoor air quality culprit and contributing factor to a toxic home, know how to protect yourself from Carbon monoxide poisioning and how to prevent a sick home.

A power outage, generator, propane, gas grill or even a furnace that is improperly installed can cause the potential for near fatal exposure to Carbon Monoxide within in your home.  Early symptoms to carbon monoxide poisioning can cause you to feel dizzy, nauseous and even give you  a headache.

Here are some ways in which you can prevent Carbon Monoxide poisoning:

  • Never use a gas range or oven to heat your home;
  • Install a Carbon Monoxide detector, changing the batteries at least once a year;
  • Avoid using generators, gas grills, camp stoves. lanterns and other gas burning devices within your home. If you must use them, use them outside and at least 30 feet away from your home;
  • Never run a motor vehicle, generator or other gas powered item near an open window, where the fumes have opportunity to enter the home;
  • Park your car outside. Never let your car heat up in the garage;
  • Never leave your car running in an enclosed garage. The exhaust fumes contain Carbon Monoxide and can expose you to deadly levels within minutes;
  • Never use a charcoal grill, hibachi or lantern in a tent or trailer; and
  • Ensure you check your furnace, dryer and hot water vents regularly to ensure there are no blockages causing the fumes to re enter your home.

Carbon Monoxide is very difficult to detect, however, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning is completely preventable if you follow these simple suggestions to reducing Carbon Monoxide Exposure. If  you do suspect Carbon Monoxide exposure and are experiencing symptoms such as headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, chest pain and confusion it is recommended that you leave the area immediately  contact your poison control centre and seek medical attention and pay special attention to family members in the home that may be sleeping or under the influence of alcohol as they can die from Carbon Monoxide poisoning before ever having symptoms.

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