Protect Yourself with our Experience

Professional Mold Inspection, mold testing and Air Quality Testing services by certified professionals is the means to proper detection & prevention. It is essential to ensure a healthier, happier, existence. Let our team of certified professionals, with over 22 years experience, help restore your environment to a safe & healthy condition.

Peace of Mind and Reassurance

At Informed Decisions, Customer Satisfaction, Honesty, Integrity & Quality are our core values. We care for the air you breath, and will work with you to ensure you are protected from air contaminants or hazards. Let us give you the Peace of Mind that comes from working with certified, honest professionals.

Why Choose Mold Inspection Testing

We have over 22 years experience with leading industry credentials and State of the Art Equipment. We are proud members of the Occupational Hygiene Association of Ontario, the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants and The Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians. Click Here to learn more.

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