Dangerous Types of Mold

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Dangerous Types of Mold

A wide variety of different types of mold have the potential to be health impacting to individuals, and produce unwanted health symptoms.  Some molds are considered to be dangerous types of mold because of their ability to produce mycotoxins, or because they belong to the family of toxigenic molds.

Others are impacting due to their allergenic nature and ability to cause severe symptoms to immuno-compromised patients, people with preexisting allergies, or asthma.  What may be health impacting to one individual, may be non-symptom producing to another, depending on the type of mold and preexisting conditions present that may make an individual more or less sensitive, or susceptible to it’s mold type.
In our homes or workplaces, the presence of different types of molds has the potential to wreak havoc on our comfort levels, respiratory system, breathing, and neurological system, so it is essential to have professional mold inspections and mold testing conducted in order to help minimize their possible health impacts and symptoms.

Below you will find a list of just a few different potentially dangerous types of mold that are commonly found in residential and commercial indoor environment:

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