How to remove mold by yourself

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Once you have employed the services of a professional mold inspection and testing provider, and it has been determined that the mold contamination present within your environment is less than 10 square feet in size, and can be safely handled on your own, there are a number of measures that can be taken to effectively…

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Can I clean mold myself?

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Got mold?  What happens what that unwelcome visitor makes an unexpected stop into your castle? Is this something you can deal with on your own, or should you be calling in removal experts? We’ve all seen the movies that scare us worse than the mold itself; specialized mold cleaners entering a house looking like they are something right out…

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What does mold smell like?

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Many people often ask What does mold smell like? Molds, or the presence of mold can have many different smells depending on different factors. The quick answer that most people get is wet, old, musty, earthy, stale, damp or a mildew like smell. The smell of mold can differ in every situation though. The smell…

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How does mold grow?

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Mold is a fungus that is a part of our natural environment. Mold growth and fungal spores can be found both outdoors (where they play an important role in nature by breaking down dead organic materials) and indoors, where mold contamination and growth should be avoided. In an indoor environment, mold growth can occur when…

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What is mold?

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Mold is a type of fungus that can commonly grow on a wide variety of surfaces across both indoor and outdoor environments. The main part of the fungus consists of a network of thin, transparent filaments known as hyphae. Where there is a great deal of mold growing together in one particular place, it can…

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How to prevent mold growth in your home or office

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Mold is sneaky!  Mold is opportunistic! In fact, if mold growth is left untreated or undetected it will harm the structure of your home, your business and your health!  Once mold has taken up residency within your home, or building envelope, it can become very difficult to completely eradicate.  Mold spores spread quickly, and are so…

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Dangerous Types of Mold

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A wide variety of different types of mold have the potential to be health impacting to individuals, and produce unwanted health symptoms.  Some molds are considered to be dangerous types of mold because of their ability to produce mycotoxins, or because they belong to the family of toxigenic molds. Others are impacting due to their allergenic nature and…

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Black Mold

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Black Mold Stachybotrys is a species of fungi commonly refered to as “black mold”, or “toxic black mold”.  This type of toxigenic black mold is frequently associated with poor indoor air quality because of it’s ability to produce spores (stressors which can impact your air quality) but also because of it’s ability to produce mycotoxins.…

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